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Written by Darren Jones   
Feb 12, 2007 at 03:53 PM

Futtsu Water Skier

Futtsu is a small bird sanctury on a penninsula on the other side of Tokyo bay.  Getting there is a good little journey too, travelling half way across Tokyo bay in a tunnel under the bay before rising up to a service area in the middle.  The rest of the trip to the other side of the bay is via another of Japans big bridges.

I had newver heard of Futtsu before I got there.  This was just one of those days were I clicked on the map in the car navigation and just went there.  It was a pleasant surprise to find such a great bird sanctury there.  And this is where one of my frustrations of the week came in.  I had my camera bag but not the tripod.  Suffering from camera shake I upped the iso to try and compensate by increasing shutter speed, but this just resulted in noise Frown Next time will try and remember everything.

It is a great place for photographing birds and I hope to go back soon better prepared.  Although I did not manage to capture on camera, I did get to see the comic takeoff routines of these big birds.  They seem to run for ages on the water, flapping their wings and trying to get take off speed.  A great little place to spend a day and surprisingly close to Tokyo - just about 40 minutes by my driving Miss Daisy reckoning.

Love Birds..

It is not the first time in the week I have been unprepared with the camera.  Missing a great opportunity to take a photograph of a Ferrari F40 parked on the footpath outside my office - had the camera......had no power left in the battery!

The rest of the week has been beset by computer frustrations, both at work and home.  Office machines being prone to rebooting with no clear indication of the exact cause yet.  Muliple teams and companies now involved in the pursuit of a cause.  Alot of stress from this just now, along with alot of work to try and resolve it Saturday night - yep that's a drinking day gone!

The home computers are driving me insame.  What a great idea to cut down the number of machines I am using there!  One pc refused to boot all week, would not reinstall windows of any flavour and was looking more and more like scrap metal.  Until I went back to basics and worked through the entire system methodically.  System now running fine, the root cause.... a faulty 512MB RAM module!  Over 20 years working with computers and this is the first memory chip failure I have had.  Now if anyone knows a reason why the sound is coming out sh!t from my main system.......

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